Rather than try to be adequate across a variety of disciplines, we focus on what we are exceptional at. Our clients trust us to deliver specialized counsel and execution when the stakes are highest. We are proven experts and specialists across our five core practices.

Kesaun Austin

Kesaun Austin advises company directors, management team members, and senior investment professionals on corporate governance and shareholder engagement, including governance benchmarking, vulnerability assessment, best practice implementation, and investor relations.

Heath Winter

Heath Winter is Vice Chair of the Corporate Governance and Shareholder Engagement Advisory practice. He advises public company directors, executives, and senior investment professionals on a wide range of matters, including corporate governance, proxy contests, contentious M&A, and compensation issues.

Jessica McDougall

Jessica McDougall is Chair of the Corporate Governance and Shareholder Engagement Advisory practice, where she works with company boards, management teams members, and senior investment professionals. Jessica works across a range of situations, including proxy contests and M&A, as well as on an ongoing basis to implement governance, strategic, and sustainability-related best practices.

Amy Freedman

Amy Freedman is a Partner at Ewing Morris Investment Partners, an alternative asset manager with both equity and credit strategies. In her role, Amy spearheads the funds engagement investment opportunities. Amy was previously CEO of Kingsdale Advisors, a leading shareholder services and advisory firm specializing in strategic and defensive advisory, governance advisory, proxy and voting analytics and investor communications. Prior to Kingsdale, Amy spent over 15 years in capital markets as an investment banker with global firms including Stifel and Morgan Stanley in both Toronto and New York. Amy currently serves as a director of Canaccord Genuity Group (TSX:CF) and Mandalay Resources Corporation (TSX:MND). Amy holds an MBA and JD from the University of Toronto.

Joe Householder

Joe represents clients across a broad range of industry sectors, with a focus on crisis communications, public affairs, issues management, and litigation communications. He has decades of experience “looking around corners” on behalf of clients, helping them anticipate, assess, and mitigate approaching risk.